Protect your form against spam bots

I was in the middle of embedding a third-party form on the website. The form snippet is just like the usual HTML form and the website is built using Next.js. At first, I thought it’s working well, fill the fields and submit it. But my team was told that we received various weird submissions with

June 26, 2022
Web 3.0 and its potential

There’s new term on internet world that bring back the ideas of decentralization concept to run data. Today’s websites and applications that we use mostly are “owned” by big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., even banks...

January 16, 2022
I do a minor redesign to my blog, here's why

Since I move my blog from to wordpress 6 months ago (read more about this), I do the research and trial to make the design simple yet convenience for everyone to visit and read my posts. Let me tell more about it. Choosing the theme The first thing I did before I built my

December 04, 2021
Let's compare JSX with HTML

A web page is made of HTML as its structure, stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The code is either HTML originally or compile to it so the browser can read it and show the content of the web page on your screen.

September 30, 2021
Trying out pomodoro technique

On the days of working from home, I was experimenting to find methods that help working more efficient and productive. Then I found pomodoro technique and decided to give it a try. How is it?

August 27, 2021
Is website still relevant?

Social media is known for being one of the fastest way to established a digital presence, and its ability to connect with the customers, the usefulness of having a website is a questioned. Why should you pay for building a website when you can make a Facebook page or Instagram account in an evening?

July 13, 2021
Can you live without smartphone for at least a week?

Smartphone has transform to become a device that help our daily life. Beside its core function as a communication tool, it can do a lot more to help things done. Even now we can make a transaction that involved money just through a smartphone. But, can you live without it?

July 04, 2021
Kindle has changed my reading habits

Reading on a physical book and reading on a kindle give different experience. Those two things feel different when open the next page, highlights the text, holding it while reading, and so on. On this post, I wanna share with you what experiences that kindle will give to me compared to physical book.

June 22, 2021
How to design a simple login page on Figma

Login or sign in page is a page that you will see before you enter and using an app. A page where you type your email address and password and then the app let you enter. Now, I wanna share how I design a login page. A simple, clean, straight-forward, and user friendly login page

June 21, 2021
The benefit of applied minimalism into your life

I’m not calling myself a true minimalist, but for the past 2 years I applied minimalism concept into my life. For me, minimalism is about thinking, doing, and having essential meaningful things in life. This minimalism concept is not for everyone. You can’t choose or force yourself to applied any principe in your life.

June 15, 2021
Choosing iCloud or Google Photos as a backup platform

Photos and videos are our digital history today, our memory, our moments that maybe never can repeated again. From the day when digital camera exist, we have the habits to record almost every moment in our live, birthday party, holiday, family, friends, colleges. And until today with a phone with our pocket that has good

June 06, 2021
Health challenges of working with laptops and how to deal with them

Nowadays, almost every working vibe around the world have similar view like image above. A person sit down with laptop and next chair fill with other person also with laptop. Working anything they working at, web developing, product designing, replying emails, calculate transactions, zooming call, etc. I’m also doing this almost everyday while working, maybe

May 29, 2021
Why I move my blog from to wordpress

Since I was on high school, I wanted to start writing a blog, I started a blog on blogger platform that just randomly write about anything I could think of and sometimes when I kinda lazy to write I copy the content from other blog (that was bad, don’t do that guys). Sadly my blog

May 26, 2021
What it is like to work as a software quality assurance?

I’ve been working as a software quality assurance in igloocompany, a smart lock company, for more than 1 year now. I was not really familiar of the title before but I interested in the ecosystem of the smart locks

April 23, 2021
My learning experience with ExpressJS and Mongoose

Last year, I got an offer to join my friend in a company as backend developer. This position actually interesting yet challenging for me because they combine Laravel and JavaScript as the backend logic (ExpressJS and Mongoose). As I never develop production service using JavaScript, I challenge myself to accept the offer and commit

March 24, 2021
HTTP Request Simply Explained

Everybody using internet almost everyday for every purpose for getting, sending, updating, or deleting information. All of that actions used in HTTP, and here they are:

February 18, 2021
My way to handle money format input in Laravel

Common usage of website is to handle data about finance, which is the most data is money and it has a format. In Indonesia for example the format is like Rp1.500.000,00. The problem is with default HTML input, it can’t show format like that by default. So how to handle it? At least here’s

November 16, 2020
You can do these on Figma to work faster

Figma became popular these days to design a web/mobile user interface. That’s because Figma gives you more modern and reliable approach when come to performance, cloud storage, and collaboration. Now I wanna share with you how you can improve your designing process to work faster with Figma.

September 20, 2020
DataTables tips using Laravel

Datatable is a useful plugin for displaying data to table in more advance way. It provide search, filter, pagination, and sorting from the beginning you use it. But you usually don’t need all of the feature, or want to display button in the table, etc. Now I wanna share some tips in using datatable

September 06, 2020
CSS position fixed vs sticky

CSS position: fixed helped me a lot when I want to make an element inside a web to stay when user scrolling the page. But in some cases, maybe I want that element still scroll along like others but can stay in place when I want it to stay. That’s position: sticky will helpful.

August 29, 2020
Using Netlify to host a static website

When you created a static website, whether it’s a project with client or just for portfolio, you usually want to make it online. One of modern hosting especially for a static website is Netlify. Netlify is nice to hosting from a very simple web, or generated website using Gatsby or Gridsome, and it’s free to get started.

August 09, 2020
My favorite Laravel's Blade Tricks

Beside the ability to make inheritance template using @extends, @section, and @yield, Laravel also let us to write html with any condition that we desire according to our application. Here are some of my favorite Laravel’s blade trick to make the development process faster and easier.

August 02, 2020
Tools that I usually used as a Web Developer

For almost 2 years I have doing web developing as a job from designing landing page until write API for laravel-based web application in windows machine. Now I like to share my everyday tools for web developing that I usually used.

July 14, 2020