Utilizing Facade to Enhance Website Performance

Some integration on website also add some challenges to maintaining the website's performance. As I learned, there's one trick to deal with that kind of integration for your website. This approach involves using a facade.

August 20, 2023
My Blog Now Is Using Headless CMS

I've been working with Headless CMS for the past year on a company and my experience was great with the advantages of it, so I think to give it a try with my own website...

June 25, 2023
Protect your form against spam bots

I was in the middle of embedding a third-party form on the website. The form snippet is just like the usual HTML form and the website is built using Next.js. At first, I thought it’s working well, fill the fields and submit it. But my team was told that we received various weird submissions with

June 26, 2022
Web 3.0 and its potential

There’s new term on internet world that bring back the ideas of decentralization concept to run data. Today’s websites and applications that we use mostly are “owned” by big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., even banks...

January 16, 2022
I do a minor redesign to my blog, here's why

Since I move my blog from to wordpress 6 months ago (read more about this), I do the research and trial to make the design simple yet convenience for everyone to visit and read my posts. Let me tell more about it. Choosing the theme The first thing I did before I built my

December 04, 2021
Let's compare JSX with HTML

A web page is made of HTML as its structure, stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The code is either HTML originally or compile to it so the browser can read it and show the content of the web page on your screen.

September 30, 2021
Trying out pomodoro technique

On the days of working from home, I was experimenting to find methods that help working more efficient and productive. Then I found pomodoro technique and decided to give it a try. How is it?

August 27, 2021
Is website still relevant?

Social media is known for being one of the fastest way to established a digital presence, and its ability to connect with the customers, the usefulness of having a website is a questioned. Why should you pay for building a website when you can make a Facebook page or Instagram account in an evening?

July 13, 2021
Can you live without smartphone for at least a week?

Smartphone has transform to become a device that help our daily life. Beside its core function as a communication tool, it can do a lot more to help things done. Even now we can make a transaction that involved money just through a smartphone. But, can you live without it?

July 04, 2021