HTTP Request Simply Explained

February 18, 2021

Everybody using internet almost everyday for every purpose for getting, sending, updating, or deleting information. All of that actions used in HTTP, and here they are:


GET method is used for getting information, such as your friend number, all products that ready stock, the shoes that are in black color, etc. This method usually known as Read/Retrieve in CRUD.


POST method is usually used for sending information. For example saving your new account information, posting image to instagram, tweeting, etc. POST is represent Create in CRUD.


PUT and PATCH are for Updating the informations that are already stored before. For example when you change your username, you photo, editing your caption, etc. The difference between them is, PUT updates the entire resource while PATCH applies a partial update to the resource.


You guest it, DELETE just like its name is for delete the information, apart from what technique was use for deleting a resource whether its hard delete or soft delete.

That’s all, hope you will understand more about how internet protocols worked. Thanks for reading!

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