Tools that I usually used as a Web Developer

July 14, 2020

For almost 2 years I have doing web developing as a job from designing landing page until write API for laravel-based web application in windows machine. Now I like to share my everyday tools for web developing that I usually used.

Visual Studio Code

In my opinion, VS Code is the best text editor for developer. Before I use VS Code, I tried Sublime Text for long enough time, also Atom, and nothing bring experience like VS Code brought to me. It’s free, easy to use and customize, has a lot of plugins, and not so heavy to run in middle-low specs machine.


Git is a must in software development today. Git allows you to handle the changes of your code easily. This makes collaboration even easier and faster, different developer can develop each feature separately on their own local machine and then merge to master to make the feature live and ready to use by the end user.


Chrome is most-used browser right now, and it’s because Chrome is so good. Except from it’s battery and memory draining. Debugging web application in Chrome is a joy and support from a lot of extension that available for developers make it the browser that I use everyday.


As said in their website, Laragon is a portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Phyton, Java, Go, Ruby. I primarily develop a PHP web application and before I use Laragon, I use XAMPP for enough time. When I tried Laragon, it gives me more joy. I Like use Laragon because:

  • lightweight

  • pretty url (custom local domain, .test, .local, etc)

  • portable

  • easy to use

  • quick app (one click to make WordPress CMS, etc)

Command Line

Every time I finish working on a feature, I pushed it to git via command line. I usually use Git Bash instead of native Windows Command Line.

That’s all some development tools that I use as a web developer. Let me now what yours or other tools that you recommend, thank you.

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